The $2 trillion stranded assets danger zone: How excessive fossil fuel capex risks eroding investor returns

With climate negotiations occurring in Paris and clean energy technologies advancing rapidly, how should fossil fuel producer navigate the transition to a low-carbon world?  Read our new Carbon Tracker report or my commentary on

There is a danger zone above a 2°C scenario where excess capex and CO2 emissions need to be avoided. All energy players have the chance to navigate around this by staying within the carbon budget. This will give the world an opportunity to reach the ultimate destination – a world that has prevented dangerous levels of climate change. Our analysis here focuses on the marginal production between the IEA 450 Scenario and business-as-usual for the coal, gas and oil sectors to 2035.

Synthesis infographic-01

King Coal dethroned? – Video of my talk on financial trends in the global coal sector

Finally posting video of my September 2014 talk at Bloomberg LP on financial trends in the global coal sector.   The Carbon Tracker report I am discussing is available here.

Note that recent developments – such as the third-largest US coal miner announcing plans to layoff 20% of its workforce – continue to make coal’s future a highly relevant topic for investors.

Presentation below contains the slides that I presented (which begin at slide 35)